Pizza Styles

New York

Traditional round pizza hand tossed with a thin bottom crust, a thick outer crust, cut into triangles, topped with a sauce and Mozzarella cheese! Perfect to fold in half!


Originating on the Island of Sicily, Sicilian style pizza is a pan style pizza risen for 2 days and baked twice before serving. A thick pizza not dense but very light, fluffy, airy and crispy! Baked in a 16 inch square pan with all the toppings, Mozzarella cheese and sauce, this pizza can surely feed a crowd.


It is the original style of pizza created in Naples, Italy. It is baked at 900′ in our amazing Forno Bravo pizza oven. The pizza is shaped into a rustic circle and cooks in under a minute! The “leapording” or black spots on the sides of the crust and the “char” on the bottom crust are the signs of an authentic Neapolitan pizza.


Originating in the Motor City, Detroit style pizza is a 2 day rised, twice baked pizza like the Sicilian style but baked in a narrower 14×10 inch pan to accommodate every slice having apiece of it’s heavenly crust. It’s this crust that truly makes a Detroit style pizza an amazing creation! Aged sharp cheddar cheeseblended with a Wisconsin brick cheese and Mozzarella cheese put over the crust for a second bake makes for an amazing one of a kind carmelized cheddar cheese crust! After the final bake you are left with a “crown” of cheese sometimes called “bark” or “cheese bacon”. Imagine the best grilled cheese you have ever had, add some pizza toppings and some red sauce and you’ve got a Detroit style pizza.

Roman In Pala

In Pala translates to “on the shovel.” We use our giant pizza paddles or “shovels” to place this pizza on the oven hearth floor. At almost every street corner of Rome is a In Pala pizzeria. Fluffy, airy, crispy and crunchy are the best ways to describe this rectangular classic Roman pizza.